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I am Vikas Gulaty (Gulati).
Curate content, media & data
Live in N.Delhi, India work global.

cloud martech stacks builder

build purpose-driven interest communities

publisher of content, media & data

deliver 100% better performance, outcome & value

managed services look to work with you

influence messaging to make relevant humans think

I'm a lone-wolf flying to the moon!


More About Me.

I working @ViaGuru IT + +AI + ML outsourcing managed services as model of delivering value. Business is driven by Search Social in 2019-2023 for me... for you... for the audience seeking common interest and return on spends value...

Use open source, cloud martech tools and apps, cyber-security AI + ML pro-active, bespoke social-media and search marketing with integrated intelligent curated content, interactive media and big-data blockchain analytics driven by proprietory 360 degress automation AI from devops to conversion funnel.

My performance is verified as true with owned block-chained deep analytics for insights and ROI value. No guesswork backed by execution strategy for each channel, gadget, geo-location and persona profiling!

How can I embed and help build a bigger, integrated, true play with with brand marketing velocity, community, growth and returns of value?

How can I collaborate with external digital teams and bring about synergy of purpose and outcomes that are exponentially better than paid-advertising spends?

Help execute clients strategy journey to digital execution. Be an enabler of intelligent content marketing bespoke MarCom for brands with consistency, sustainability scale, speed, returns with true insights of performance across search, social and mobile with devops, cloud stack management, publishing, distribution, amplification and conversions.

More About-Me Contact Me My Pillars of Value

What can do I do best, big and better?

Leverage returns with productive models with AI for agile devops, marketing and backed with growth performance proof of block-chain analytics over time.

Building value driven intelligent content, media and data integration marketing with IT+AI+ML for search and social-media channels is what I enjoy most about my work.

I am interested in making the world a better and safer place. I can also help brands support causes based on what they stand for with citizen driven impact campaigns! #LittleSafer

Exploring new worlds of collaboration with consulting work services to the highest bidder

What are the problems?

Waste of time, resources and risk

I help eliminate the risk, delay & fuss!

Need digital marketing skills and technology that you don't currently possess;

Don't have funds to hire expensive technology workers to work IT and wait for their performance;

Don't have budgets to buy and run expensive digital platforms;

Has paid-advertising let you down and not driving your constant, true, verifiable strategy;

Don't have the power required for a high volume of work at IT devops, cloud, management, publishing, distribution and marketing tasks that are required to achieve scale, speed and accuracy;

You are unable to execute timely, consistent, constant and relevant outreach across devices, countries, cities, zip-codes and across multi-channels of search and social.

Feel confused, frustrated and let-down by what has been told and sold to you in the name of new cutting edge technology at high upfront capital cost. You still cannot get scale, speed and accuracy of execution at huge operating, constant yearly upgrade costs.

Do not want to waste time on hiring employees, learning, training, run trial and errors - all waste of time, energy, opportunity and drain on resources in these tough time of budget cuts.

Just want to get the job done - fast, sure with true marketing communication strategy converted into digital execution with big-data analytics insights!

Managed Outsourced Services

I will do all this for each bespoke campaign I build from scratch

Run owned hybrid managed cloud MarTech social-media and search bespoke 'owned' content marketing for clients and agencies who need scale.

Work as outsourcing consultant "as-a-service-model" with our in-house IT, AI and ML capabilities to pass on benefits of agile, skills, optimization, cyber security, design, creative processing, seo, integration within the process stages of the digital supply chain, operations, marketing, distribution, amplification, syndication, aggregation, cyber-security, compliance, geo, interest search targeting, and blockchain data analytics as output to measure performance.

Execute Client strategy with intelligent content curation, interactive media streaming and big-data architecture metric outputs for measurement and insights to help Prove it better than the competition: ROO + ROI = ROOI

  • Integrated Content + Media + Data

    Execute for clients owned and earned intelligent multi-lingual content, media and data strategies with publishing, distribution and marketing. Execution IT all - managed-as-a-service outsourced to me.

  • Social-Media Content Marketing

    Intelligent snacky short-form content and media optimization, localization, commuunity building, integration, targeting, publishing, amplification, lead conversions and email marketing.

  • Search Engine Marketing

    Informative on facts, topic depth and long-form content and media publishing, optimization, marketing and lead conversions.

  • Execute client goal strategy on digital

    Managed-as-a-Service models of all IT - cloud, technology, design process, development, operations, management, marketing and cyber-security backed with transparency of performance with deliverables on scale, speed, time to prove returns on objectives and spends vs. competition vs. paid-ads.

My Skill-set

I've Got Some Skills.

I am a digital worker with 30 years of business and marketing strategy senior leadership positions in other interest areas of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, OTC, retail and international education and events management, as well.

  • 40%
    Open Source - HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JS, MySQL, Apps
  • 100%
    AI for 360 Execution Scale - Content, Media and Data
  • 100%
    MarTech - Agile Architecture for Speed Outcomes
  • 90%
    AI + ML for Pro-Active Reactive Cyber-Security
  • 100%
    AI + IT for Supply Chain process, Dev-Ops & Marketing
  • 100%
    Measurement Blockchain Native Dashboard Analytics Insights

Work and Education

My Credentials.

A thinker, tinker with a passion for Tech. Did my MBA in Marketing in 1991 from the US but IT does not teach you how to make or save money, but enables you to do so. Who am I, who are we? This is My Social Proof Story of US...


2007 - Present

My Studio Lab


Work @IT to create new digital projects and incubate them.

2007 - Present

Healthcare in EU

Co-Founder/ Investor

Embed home healthcare outsourcing services in 3 EU countries with city municipalities. Also have a training school for our nursing staff.

1990 - 2007

OTC, Generic Pharmaceuticals and Naturals

Elder Pharmaceuticals,

Formulation, sourcing, brand, sales and exports from India. Head of marketing (India) for brands: hawpar tiger balm, sensodyne, vigrex, solo, foltene

2005 - 2007

Retail Dollar Stores


Sourcing, Import and Retail stores for 10,000 SKU's sourced from India, China, Thailand and Vietnam in multiple categories.

1992 - 1998

International Education Consultancy & Expos

Above & Beyond Consultants, Education ASIA

Representation of 60 universities/ colleges from US, EU, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus. Counselling, Admission Recruitment and Expos in 10 cities in India and Nepal. Co-Founder of AAERI (Australian Agents Edu. Reps in India)


1989 - 1991

Fort Hays State University, Kansas, U.S

Master Degree - MBA

My Masters was about lot of work, life learnings and fun.

May 1985 - March 1988

Hindu College, Delhi University

Bachelor Degree - B.Com (Hons.)

My Bachelor life was mostly about campus and less of study.

1972 - 1985

St. Columbas School

School (10+2)

My school was my the foundation to my journey of life, friends & human values.


My Projects.

Let us make the world a #LittleSafer for US and our families. Public Interest citizen driven social impact campaigns for brands to mix values

Let US make our life, nation and local neighborhoods a Little Safer place for families. Details


All IT managed-as-a-service model with work, technology and performance for social and search marketing with content, media and data build around community. Details


This is some of what we can do to execute client strategy from start to finish. We customize to client goals. Details


Digital Integrated Web, Mobile and Social Community for Brands that require Enterprise Scale to integrate global employees, ambassadors and influencers voice. We do all the IT work and outreach marketing for and with your teams. Details

Cyber-Security with AI services for dynamic and constant protection of digital assets, data and cyber attacks. Details


Vaarika means and tastes fresh like Raspberry. We spread the cvoice and values on social-media and networks with Bespoke (personalized) campaigns with (customized) marketing technology built for client goals. Details



My Team


Awards Received


Change IT BIG Work Idea



I'm Available for Freelance/ Consulting IT Work to the highest bidder for a Bespoke Fit-to-Size B2B - B2C - C2B Industry Verticals like this - Details

I will embed myself with your teams to deliver performance results and Return on Spends to quantify what I earn and prove IT better with sustainable future value.

You tell me the catch goal and I work as a lone-wolf to hunt IT down.

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Where to find me

New Delhi
Rep. Advisors available in: Singapore | UAE

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